Friday, December 4, 2015

Best of All - Running in KMD Sports

My first pair of Vibrams were their first dedicated running shoes called the Bikilas. Though I got them initially for going canoeing in Canada, I decided to try running in them once and everything changed.

Though I was in no way a runner, I was always able to get off my couch and go run 3 miles with little trouble. My problems always came when I ran with a little consistency and found my back hurting and pain from shin splints. When I ran with my Bikilas, I had none of that. Unfortunately, though, I didn't take seriously Vibram's warnings to transition slowly to running in minimalist shoes. After a great 3 mile run in my new Bikilas, my calves were knotted for a solid week from using new muscles.

The Bikilas are good shoes for running, but it wasn't until my wife got her first pair of KMD Sports that we found the best. (So I had to order them too.)

Out of my almost 20 pairs of VFF's, the absolute best shoes for road running are the KMD Sports. (Formerly Komodo Sport) These are considered a cross-trainer by Vibram, but they are perfect for running.

The key to the greatness of the KMD's are their fit. They wrap up your foot in a way no other models do, so they eliminate extra movement inside the shoe and feel fantastic. They also give you a good sole with some cushion, but without too much extra.

It's in these VFF's that I have now run 2 marathons and a half marathon, and they were great. I've found that in any shoes, long distances will bring some blisters, but these are by far the best. For runs over 10 miles, I wear a pair of thin Injinji socks for extra comfort. (On long runs, Bikilas and other models often lead to more blisters because they aren't as tight around the foot; at least for me.)

If you're looking for one pair of VFF's for running, get the KMD Sports. You can often find them inexpensively online at places like Or check out for a great blog on minimalist shoes, and check his "Store" page for links to some good online retailers.

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