Friday, December 4, 2015

My Obsession

I have a problem. I know that the first step is to admit it. After nearly 5 years of wearing Vibram FiveFingers almost exclusively, running 2 marathons in them, and even preaching in them each Sunday; you could say I'm a fan. 

Okay, it's worse than that; I'm obsessed. (And the picture only shows a portion. I actually have almost 20 pairs of VFF's by now.) I'm the weird guy that wears my toe shoes everywhere without apology. I began by running in Vibrams and found that the way I felt in them was worth wearing them all the time. 

Not only that, I can confidently say that if you see someone in Southeast Iowa wearing them, I probably know them and got them to try some Vibrams. 

This blog is set up for me to share information and reviews of the many Vibram FiveFingers shoes that I have for others who want to give them a shot. 

So, stay tuned...

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