Friday, December 4, 2015

Please Make Some More - Casual

An Open Letter to Vibram:

Please make some more kangaroo leather casual FiveFingers like my Trek LS and Speed LR shoes. After 4 years of constant use, mine are starting to fall apart and I can't bear it.



I'm that crazy person that wears my VFF's literally every day in almost every situation. I'm a Baptist Pastor and that means I'm wearing my toe shoes even on Sundays when I preach to my congregation. (The only time I don't is when I am doing a wedding or funeral. Even I have limits.) Thanks to my VFF brown Trek LS' and my black Speed LR's, I can wear my toe shoes while looking casual with a pair of jeans or khakis.

I love these casual shoes! The brown Trek LS are my absolute favorite VFF's. They look and feel like putting on a baseball glove. They're comfortable, look great, and have lasted very well. They have the Trek sole that is a little thicker and is great for a casual shoe that I can wear anywhere. They're even nice in the winter in Iowa with a pair of socks. They may be a little colder than regular casual shoes due to the separated toes, but they're better than most VFF's.

My black Speed LR's are great too. they have a little different design than the Trek LS and were an REI exclusive when Vibram released them. They have the same kangaroo leather as the Trek and the same sole too.

The one downside to leather Vibrams are that they have a tendency to come unglued from the sole in certain spots. Thanks to Shoe Goo, it's never a big deal. Just glue and clamp them with a clothespin while they dry and you're good as new.

As my Trek LS' are beginning to see wear from daily use for several years, I'm wishing there were more. I'll definitely be searching Ebay and other online places for another pair soon.


Vibram released a new kangaroo model called the Trek Ascent LR this past year and I have them too. They're a mix of leather and hemp and they're a really nice shoe too. While I like them, I'm a little nuts about color and have trouble wearing them as much since they are green. They're definitely less versatile than the brown. They're also not quite as warm since they mix hemp with the leather. But they are a great option for casual shoes since the earlier models are no longer offered. They have a different hiking sole that are great for about all situations.

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