Monday, March 14, 2016

V-Run - So cool, but not for me.

So disappointed. After 2 marathons and hundreds of miles of running, my latest KMD Sport shoes are worn almost through and I need something for running the roads.

Though I'm moving into ultramarathons, trails in Iowa are few and far between so I have to spend most of my running time on pavement. I've found that the shoes I bought for trails - Trek Ascent, Spyridon MR - are not great for roads. Because of their aggressive soles with harder rubber, my feet hurt when I run long miles on concrete.

And then I saw the brand new V-Run shoes, first on and then on Vibram's own website. They may be my favorite design of VFF's ever. I love the grey, black, and blue. (The orange is okay too, though I wish Vibram would get past their obsession with orange. It's on  almost every pair I have. Give me some red or something.) The materials are awesome on the V-Run and the sole seems perfectly cushioned for long paved road runs. I was super excited to get these shoes. I actually even paid full price for them. (That's rare.)

They just don't fit me. To be clear, this is nothing wrong with the design or engineering of this shoe, they just simply don't work for me. The V-Run has the least tight heel of any of their shoes in general and that is part of my problem. The main thing, though, is that I often fall in between 2 sizes of shoes. My right foot is larger than my left, which means I have to size up to 43 for my right foot or else they'll cramp and hurt. Of my 21 other pairs of VFF's, I can get by without that being a problem. With the V-Runs, the left shoe is so large that my toes would literally slip out of the toes of the shoe. So I ordered a size 42, hoping that this would just be an anomaly and they would fit. And with the smaller size, my left foot felt great, but the right was completely cramped.

If only I could get a 43 right foot and 42 left foot, they would be perfect. But that isn't an option, so back they both went - one to Vibram and one to REI, since Vibram was out of 42's at the time.

Man, I love these shoes. If only...

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