Monday, March 14, 2016

KMD EVO - So much cushion!

If you read my previous post, you'll know that I tried and returned the new Vibram V-Runs for road running. Here's my replacement. The KMD Evo.

I've stated on this blog and to all my friends that my absolute favorite Vibrams are the KMD Sports. They have an amazing upper that wraps up your foot securely, and a nice sole for just about anything. I've run through 2 pairs, not because they don't last, but because I put tons of miles on them.

So I decided to try the new KMD Evos for the running on roads. They are the most expensive model Vibram has right now, but I found a good deal on that made them closer to the price of other models.

HOLY CUSHION, BATMAN! If you want specifics about these shoes, you can check out the great review at I read it and worried that maybe the cushion was too much. But on my first run, I could tell this may actually be great. Don't get me wrong, I love the ground feel of minimal shoes and love to run in my KSO Evos too, which have very little sole. But on super long runs, minimal gets a bit rough. I've found that I could totally run my marathons in my KMD Sport shoes and do fine, but I definitely feel the pounding on the bottom of my feet after 26 miles. Now, I'm training for a 100k ultramarathon that is on mostly gravel roads and some pavement. So my first run in my KMD Evos, I took out on the country roads around my small town in Iowa to see how they did. THEY WERE AMAZING. That little extra bit of cushion allowed me to run on gravel for an 8 miler without the same wear on the bottom of my feet that I normally get. I still feel like I'm running in Vibram FiveFingers and feel the ground, but with a little cushion to protect my soles.

I think these may be the best long distance Vibrams to date. I'm super excited to put a bunch more miles on them as I train, and now I plan to wear them for my ultra.

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