Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Waterproof Vibrams? Not for long.

Let me start by reminding you that I am Vibram's number one fan. But unfortunately, there is one design that I can't endorse. Read on to see why you shouldn't waste your money of Bikila EVO WP's. 

When I received my WP's, I was pumped. They would be a perfect pair of VFF's for when it's not super cold outside but wet everywhere. Though I love my Lontras for winter running, they're really stiff and I definitely prefer other models. And here in Iowa, late winter to spring is super wet from melting snow and rain. These would be great.

At first they were. My first run went great. They were comfortable and flexible and kept my feet dry. The next run, I went for 11 miles and learned that they don't breathe at all. In my opinion, they aren't a great idea to run without some Injinji socks inside, or else you end up with sweaty feet squishing around inside. And that is a problem considering the toe boxes are thinner than any other model I've worn. My wife literally cannot fit hers on with socks. 

But really, the problem is much great. The fact is, they fall apart in no time. If you look closely at the upper, you'll see what looks like a light seam on the inside of the foot. And it is there that the shoe begins to split. As soon as that happens, they're no longer waterproof.  It looks like this.

So I sent my pair back. I wear 43's in every model of VFF's and Vibram suggested I try a 44. Unfortunately, even just wearing them casually, the new pair did the same exact thing within 2 weeks of getting them. 

So I have to suggest you pass on the Bikila EVO WP. They're an expensive pair of shoes and the upper just doesn't last. If you need water resistance, look at the Lontras. They are warmer and have taped seams for water resistance. If they begin to lose their resistence, you can spray them with a bit of waterproofer silicone spray and you're back to running through the snow.

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